Outdoor design trends: details that will make the difference in 2021

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After almost a year of living mostly within our homes, we can say that we have rethought the way we stay at home. For example, we have moved many activities that we previously did indoors to the open air, transforming gardens and balconies into offices, dining rooms and gyms.

Strongly influenced by this new normal, designers and planners wondered about how to rethink the outdoors to create greater integration between people and nature.

So what will the outdoor design trends of 2021 be?

Gardens as an oasis of peace.

The garden with attention to the smallest details leaves room for an enveloping and comfortable natural environment. We will opt for soft colors, which relax, and for evergreen plants, which keep their foliage all year round. Even better if they are native plants, which require less care and allow pollinating birds and insects to integrate harmoniously with the environment.

 The right light from sunrise to sunset.

In the middle of the day, intense light can make reading from the PC or tablet screens difficult. In the absence of a canopy, you can equip yourself with a large umbrella with a central pole,

like Amalfi, or lateral, like Copacabana.

After dusk, however, it’s time to turn on the lights. The best choice for a pleasant and informal environment is a lantern model, such as the Barcode lamp.

Comfortable and versatile furniture.

What’s more comfortable and versatile than a sofa? With their ability to welcome us when we are alone or in company, while we dedicate ourselves to reading or during an aperitif, sitting or lying down, sofas are a must have in outdoor living areas.

Fully upholstered in fabric like Belt, with wooden Teak structure like Barcode or with geometrical modules like Bento: which modular sofa best suits your needs?