New HPL finishing options

Varaschin - News - New HPL finishing options

Bedonia, concrete, anthracite: are we talking about the construction industry? Absolutely not. These are the three new finishes for HPL table tops introduced this year by Varaschin Outdoor Therapy and presented during the last Salone del Mobile in Milan. The inspiration came from the need of a more materic finishing than the monochrome ones already offered by Varaschin: white, black, silk gray and corten, commonly known as “rust effect” finishing.

Bedonia finishing recalls the Bedonia stone, a uniform and hard Italian gray stone slightly blue-veined, normally used for floors, kitchen worktops and shower trays. Concrete is a well-known trend in the furniture sector since several years and gives the locations an industrial and sophisticated touch. Least but not last is the anthracite color, a very glamorous and chic finishing, which blends perfectly with bright colors and minimal design. All three new finishing options are already in production and available for sale.