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Planning a trip?
Start in this way, a simple virtual experience with us.
Don’t do anything, no special searches, just a single click.
That leads you to a breathtaking environment, where the wild and uncontaminated nature makes you want to catch the flight.
This is the effect of VIVOOD Landscape Hotel.

Located in the spectacular setting of the Guadalest Valley, in the province of Alicante, in eastern Spain, between the Sierra de Aitana and Sierra of Xorta’ ranges, close to traditional tourist destinations such as Costa Blanca and the spectacular  Algar waterfalls.
On its perimeter 4 natural parks: The Sierrra Gelata (on the south coast) –, The Montgo’ (on the coast to the east), The Serra de Mariola and The Serra del Maigmó (to the west).

At the beginning of VIVOOD’s design project, in 2015 the goal of the young architect and founder Daniel Mayo Pardo was to create a SUSTAINABLE hospitality environment, in particular a new concept of hosting related to sustainability, that is perfect equilibrium between INTEGRATED DESIGN , the surrounding environment and the FEEL OF LUXURY, essential both in the gastronomic proposal
( ) and in the care of details of its wellness area (

Today the team that manages it has a single mission: surprise its guests by making them feel at home with a proposal for accomodation that moves away from traditional tourism and approaches the ecoturism, immersive and emotional.
The authenticity and the particularity of this place are combined with an exclusive and reserved context where the minimalism architecture guarantees introspection, emotion and relax.
A place where the only one active connection is with the surrounding environment and with oneself. A place to get away from it all and unwind.

On the occasion of our first visit to the structure, we chose to be present, staying on the side lines.
The collections chosen for VIVOOD are characterized, in fact, by a simple and refined design, a linear and clean sign with a modern taste.
The material are light, practical and designed for maximum comfort.
The finishes of sunbeds and chairs reflect the surrounding colors, the changing reflections of the sun on the water and the architecture.
In particular, the outdoor area of VIVOOD is set by:

We hope that you’ll continue to explore this enchanting place where the concept of ‘travel’ merges completely with that of the ‘experience’ .




Vivood Landscape Hotel, Carretera d'Alcoi, Benimantell, Spagna

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