Varaschin - Outdoor Therapy

TrIIIple Towers

The project

Perfection, uniqueness and harmony: Varaschin’s outdoor furniture lands on the TRIIPLE Tower of Vienna. The project of the notorious architects Henke Schrejeck is composed of three towers over 100 meters high that include appartments, penthouses, lofts and commercial areas.

The rooftop with swimming pool has been decorated with the sun loungers Bahia, light, wieldy and with an essential design. The structure is in powder coated aluminium, weatherproof and resistant to sunlight (UV).

In the others outdoor spaces of the building, the modular sofa Bento gives life to a real relax island. Rectangular, trapezoidal and pentagonal basis are freely assembled to create a large variety of furniture solutions. The backrest and armrest modules, with simple and geometric designs, introduce new functions such as the inclined backrest module with which it’s possible to shape a comfortable chaise longue.

The combination of Varaschin Outdoor Therapy and the spectacular 360 degree view of the entire city, gives a new dimension to everyday life, combining work and leisure spaces.

TrIIIple Towers, Schnirchgasse 13, Wien, Austria

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