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It is one of the settings that we like here in Varaschin, because it’s an expression of the spirit of Outdoor Therapy, because it is managed by a real team like ours and in a location that best enhances our collections.

A context in Naturno, in Alto Adige area, the first certified Alpine Wellness tourist destination – AWI, at the gates of the Gruppo di Tessa Nature Park, a few kilometers from Merano and at the entrance to the Val Venosta.
A popular place known for important mountain bike trails but also for trekking and relax lovers.

This is the project realized at the Lindenhof Resort, which has involved us in a long, engaging and stimulating work that began 2 years ago and is still working progress.
The goal was to set up the outdoor spaces with collections that would represent the resort and at the same time diversify it, so as to customize every corner and respond to any specific need in the different areas of the structure.

What distinguishes Lindenhof indeed is the ability to meet the needs of every type of customer, through the preparation of spaces dedicated to wellness, gastronomy, entertainment, sport or simple ‘alpine relaxation’. A place for single travelers, for couples or families that also guarantees complete confidentiality and constant customer service.
To coordinate everything, a family and a real team: three generations of Nischler’s. Currently Joachim and Lorella manage the structure with their daughters Chiara and Emma, already operational and ready for innovative projects, as well as the Linderhof tradition. Nothing is left to chance, we evaluate and decide together, respecting the philosophy and the Lindenhof vision. A team with constant focus on customer satisfaction, well-being and innovation in the field of tourist accommodation.

For them, we have furnished a space of about 500 square meters divided in several levels within the structure. This year the resort has undergone a major renovation with the addition of an entire wing with 24 new rooms and a spectacular penthouse suite.
The Varaschin collections that we designed for the outdoor reception of the Lindenhof guests, were in particular:

Each area with its own mood, design and material that ranges from our traditional weaving, to the upholstery, up to the teak.
A different character for each area and for each style.

Aren’t you curious to see them live?
At Varaschin we can not wait to go back to the Lindenhof Resort!



Lindenhof Lifestyle Dolcevita Resort, Kirchweg, Naturno, BZ, Italia

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