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Amador Restaurant

The project

Welcome to chef Juan Amador’s taste temple, three Michelin stars.
Located in the heart of Vienna, in a historical winery of Grinzing, the Restaurant Amador offers to his guests an unique experience for the refinement of his menu which puts together mediterranean and asiatic influences besides the pleasant atmosphere that his dehors can offer.

The historical details of the location, such as carved wooden barrels framed by ivy branches that adorn the walls, are echoed by modern and elegant decor objects, for example neon tubes which carry sagacious phrases linked to the culinary world.
In this welcoming context the armchairs and the Tibidabo tables, Calvi Brambilla design, assume the main role. To characterize them are the linear and airy waves, the metal structures with a sculptural design, the roundness of the table tops that interact with those of the backrests.

A scenario in which dominates a sense of calm and lightness, perfect for making yourself comfortable and tasting chef Amador’s creations, living an original and overwhelming moment of Outdoor Therapy.

Amador Restaurant, Grinzinger Straße 86, Vienna, Austria

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