Varaschin - Outdoor Therapy

The project

Saia is an ergonomic tub chair made extremely comfortable by a soft padding on the back and a soft cushion on the seat. With its essential and elegant design, it makes the outdoor areas of bars and restaurants pleasant and relaxing.


Residential and contract outdoor furniture. Suitable for marine areas.

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DesignerR&D Varaschin

Clean-cut geometry, elegant lines based on weaving. Essential shapes distinguish Varaschin design, which is inspired by an ancient craft projected into modern design.

R&D Varaschin


Powder-coated aluminum structure, padded seat and backrest available in different fabrics.
Cushion with Dryfeel® foam padding for outdoor use.
Weatherproof and UV light resistant structure.


Structure in white, gray and silk gray metal.
Upholstery available in the different categories of Varaschin outdoor fabrics.


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