Varaschin - Outdoor Therapy

The project

An essential design, imagined to harmonize with the most different outdoor spaces, from the home garden to the hotel terrace, from the restaurant in the city center to the restaurant with panoramic views. The practicality and soft colors of the Saia chair make it a versatile and highly appreciated proposal in both residential and contract use.


Residential and contract outdoor furniture. Suitable for marine areas.

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DesignerR&D Varaschin

Clean-cut geometry, elegant lines based on weaving. Essential shapes distinguish Varaschin design, which is inspired by an ancient craft projected into modern design.

R&D Varaschin


Powder coated aluminum structure, resistant to weather and UV light. Seat and backrest in texture
(technical PVC fabric).


Metal structure in white, grey and silk grey color tones.
Texture perla and grey brown.


Cushions available.


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