VIDEO | Designer | Alessandro Dubini


“Architect Alessandro Dubini uses clean spaces and shapes to convey harmony and enhance the value of the materials, seeking his inspiration in fresh air.”

Varaschin – Messaggero Veneto


Varaschin protagonista di una nuova cultura d’impresa



On July 19th we celebrated 50 years of our company with an event dedicated to the #OutdoorTherapy. Thanks to those who shared this special evening with us, here’s the sum-up video! #50Varaschin

VIDEO | Designer | Monica Armani


“I thought of a clean and simple product with distinctive details”. Monica Armani talks about the concept behind the #Emma collection

VIDEO | SlideShow 1969_2019


It was the brothers Ugo and Pietro who started Varaschin back in September 1969. In 1973 the situation evolved and Giancarla Antoniazzi joined the company as a new fundamental component of the organizational structure. Today, 50 years later, Varaschin is a well-established firm with an avant-garde headquarter and represents one of the most successful businesses […]



A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS TURNAROUND STRATEGY. THE VARASCHIN CASE STUDY. This book summarises the key principles that need to be followed when developing a new strategy to turnaround a company, particularly when it comes to Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs). This approach significantly increases the likelihood of successfully turning a company around. The Varaschin S.p.A. […]

VIDEO | Designer | Calvi Brambilla


“La famiglia #Tibidabo nasce dall’idea di poter usare il tipico intreccio che è sempre presente nei prodotti Varaschin ma in una maniera nuova, lineare e semplice.” In questo video i designer Calvi Brambilla raccontano l’idea creativa dietro l’iconica collezione.

Hospitality Design magazine Awards

Siamo orgogliosi di annunciare che la nostra Summerset Bergère Relax ha vinto la 15esima edizione degli Hospitality Design magazine Awards nella categoria “Outdoor Furniture”!

VIDEO | Designer | Daniele Lo Scalzo Moscheri


A spherical vision of design, an architectural and artisanal approach too, all inspired by a strong connection with nature: this is Daniele Lo Scalzo Moscheri’s idea of #OutdoorTherapy. Video

HD EXPO 2019 – Varaschin Outdoor Therapy in Las Vegas


HD Expo 2018 – Varaschin for the hospitality furniture From the 15th to the 17th of MAY 2019 Varaschin will be present to HD Expo Las Vegas, the best OUTDOOR FURNITURE SHOW dedicated to the hospitality design. Varaschin Outdoor Therapy will be waiting for you at our booth #4656, with its business partner Italian Collection, for meeting professional visitors, […]